Griffith Adventure

- Provide a variety of recreational activities for all levels of experience. - Create events that are unique but affordable. - Build a sense of community and connection between students. - Foster

Griffith Anime and Manga Association

Come join us as we explore and discuss Japanese pop culture, diving into the world of Japanese animation and illustrated novels!

Griffith Boardriders Club

GBR is everything surf, skate, snow and social with arguably the frothiest vibe at Griffith!

Griffith Canadian Law Students Association

Griffith Canadian Law Students Association

Griffith Christian Students

To help curious students or growing Christians in exploring how the Bible still applies today in our lives.

Griffith Climate Society

Griffith Climate Society

Griffith Criminology Student Society

Delve into crime and justice by exploring various aspects of criminology! Meet professionals and gain industry experience that help you make an impact on your studies!

Griffith CritCare Society

Inspiring and educating Griffith Medical Students about the various areas of Critical Care Medicine.

Griffith Dermatology Society

Griffith Dermatology Society

Griffith Devils Tag Rugby Club

Provide a place for students to play Tag Rugby, to practice their Tag Rugby skills, to get fit and healthy through physical activity, and make and grow friendships through sport

Griffith Disney Appreciation Society

The goals of the club are to: Provide a safe and fun space for students to meet and connect with each other through a shared love of Disney; Uphold the morals and values promoted in Disney movies,

Griffith Employment Relations and Human Resources Management Society

GERHRMS is dedicated to fostering student growth and industry connections. Through professional workshops, networking, and social events, we aim to boost members' career prospects and social skills while connecting professionals and like-minded peers.

Griffith Engineering and Electronics Club

GEEC is your one stop shop for your social and professional engineering experience here at Griffith University.

Griffith Gamers’ Society

Club goals for 2022 include reaching tier 2 affiliation. To achieve this goal however, much smaller goals must be achieved beforehand, one of which is learning to collaborate more with other clubs to

Griffith General Practice Students Network

The goal of this club is to promote General Practice as a future career to medical students at Griffith University. The club aims to provide information to medical students regarding the future choice

Griffith Go Global Club - Gold Coast

Create a space where inbound and outbound Global Mobility students, along with students interested in Global Mobility, can connect, network, and have fun!