GERHRMS is dedicated to fostering student growth and industry connections. Through professional workshops, networking, and social events, we aim to boost members' career prospects and social skills while connecting professionals and like-minded peers.

The Griffith Employment Relations and Human Resources Management Society (GERHRMS) is more than a society; it is a vital hub for students delving into employment relations and human resource management. With a tagline “Enriching career success”, GERHRMS empowers members for the job market by enhancing both professional skills and social networks. Its initiatives span from informative seminars to networking events, fostering engagement and industry connections.

Central to GERHRMS's ethos are its annual goals, which span from amplifying membership outreach to nurturing sustainable practices for future generations. These objectives encompass amplifying membership outreach through strategic initiatives like orientation, market days, ERHR class advertisements, and social media marketing. Moreover, the club endeavours to surpass its previous membership count of 80 members.

With a strategic focus on collaboration, GERHRMS forges symbiotic relationships with key stakeholders, including the Griffith University ERHR department and esteemed industry associations like the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and the Industrial Relations Society Queensland (IRSQ). These alliances not only enrich members' learning experiences but also pave the way for valuable industry insights and opportunities.

Beyond professional development, GERHRMS places equal emphasis on fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among its members. Through an array of social events and activities, GERHRMS provides a welcoming environment where students can forge lasting friendships and unwind amidst the rigors of academic life.

GERHRMS stands as a beacon of empowerment and connection for students navigating the dynamic landscape of employment relations and human resources. Whether through professional advancement or personal enrichment, GERHRMS remains steadfast in its commitment to guiding students on a transformative journey toward success.