GBR is everything surf, skate, snow and social with arguably the frothiest vibe at Griffith!

If you love to surf, skate or love the snow, you have come to the right place! 

Griffith Boardriders (GBR) is as much a social club as we are a sporting club, aimed at those who are looking to get around good people and good vibes. 

The main goal at GBR is to encourage anyone who has that I-love-to-be-around-good-people-and-do-fun-things attitude at Griffith to join. It will lead new members to a new group of friends, awesome experiences and improved surfing, bodyboarding, skating, skiing, snowboarding, or whichever board on which you choose to shred. 

GBR is a club for ALL surfing, skating and skiing/snowboarding abilities. 

Come along to an event! And remember to follow the instagram @Griffithboardriders to stay in the loop.